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On the blue ramblers' route along the Rewal coastline, which is part of the E-9 European long-distance road (on its Pobierowo - Niechorze section, registered number Sz-1149-n), there are several well-known holiday resorts and tourist sights, including the ruins of Trzęsacz Church and Niechorze Lighthouse. You can trek along several sections of this route and return to your starting point on a narrow-gauge railway or by PKS country bus. Five kilometres from Pogorzelica, which is at one end of the route, you will come to a place on the coast called Niechorze, with a lighthouse which may be reached in a north-westerly direction towards the Baltic shore. Niechorze Lighthouse was built on top of a coastal cliff. It towers high over the surroundings and is readily visible from the sea, over the wide sandy beach and woodland covering the entire cliff-top.


Latarnia w obiektywie aparatu.

Technical spec.
Lighthouse height: 45 m
Beacon height: 62.8 m above sea level
Range: 20 nautical miles (around 37 km)
Beacon characteristic: 0.45+9.55=10 s
Geographical location: 54o 05' 47'' N, 15o 04' 57'' E